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A new chrisdaleoxford web site for eDisclosure and eDiscovery

What was supposed to be a proper switch-off holiday turned into Office-by-Sea. One of the results is the new blog / web site which we have been promising ourselves for some time, one of the few so-called “Summer projects” which … Continue reading

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Recent eDiscovery Posts on Google Plus

Arguments continue as to the value of Google Plus as a FaceBook rival. I don’t much care about that, only about its ability to attract wider audiences. It is working for me (well, something is) and I continue to put … Continue reading

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New web sites and a case study make good marketing

Although the nuts and bolts of what I do involves e-discovery / e-disclosure rules and the crossover between rules and practice on the one hand and technology on the other, my real interest lies in marketing, with a self imposed … Continue reading

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Using marketing to make people hate you

There is more to marketing than making yourself heard – that is just a process, achieved with money and effort. The objective, however, is to make people buy from you, not hate the sight and sound of your name. Bad … Continue reading

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E-Disclosure Information Project first birthday

November marks the first anniversary of what became the E-Disclosure Information Project. It did not have that name when I ran a half-day training session for judges in Birmingham last November but it was effectively launched with that event. This … Continue reading

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Attracting readers for electronic disclosure

I do not have any sophisticated means of tracking the visitors to this blog, but WordPress shows me which pages have been read how many times and allows me to distinguish between real views and those made by crawlers and … Continue reading

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Getting the message across at the MoJ

I go to the Ministry of Justice web site from time to time, partly because I run a law firm’s web site and blog and need to keep abreast of things beyond my own subjects, and partly in the hope … Continue reading

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In Orlando, now that ILTA’s there

I pack my bag, and in it I put a Marriott hotel in Orlando, ILTA, the Practice Direction to Part 31 CPR, a document retention policy, a litigation support training course, an e-Disclosure conference, some needles and haystacks, All Souls … Continue reading

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