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A meaningless comment about technology in court

An outraged e-mail came in from Dominic Regan early on Saturday morning. Headed “The most stupid comment of the year”, Dominic’s message drew attention to the report in the Times about the Saville Inquiry into the Northern Ireland shootings. The … Continue reading

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Hear Master Whitaker at ILTA INSIGHT 2010 on 27 April

ILTA INSIGHT 2010 takes place on 27 April at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel.  INSIGHT 2010 is ILTA’s 5th annual event in the UK and brings a pocket-sized and UK-focussed version of the excellent main ILTA conference, which I go … Continue reading

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LexisNexis eDiscovery conference in Singapore

As you might infer from its name, the e-Disclosure Information Project set out with purely national ambitions. England and Wales is the only jurisdiction in the world to give the name e-Disclosure to the process of identifying, preserving, collecting and … Continue reading

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Technology and constitutional protection at the Supreme Court

Readers will know that the defence of our democratic rights vies for my attention with efficient case management and the use of technology in litigation. The new Supreme Court combines both of these interests. There is a story of a … Continue reading

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