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Oxford tramples on privacy with CCTV in taxis

Given that privacy is one of my professional subjects, it is interesting that my home city, Oxford, should be blazing a trail in trampling on privacy rights, with a compulsory scheme requiring taxis to make video and sound recordings of … Continue reading

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UK Government abandons Henry VIII powers to by-pass Parliament

The UK government is abandoning its attempt to give itself new powers to act without parliamentary scrutiny. That is interesting in itself, but also encourages observations on the rise of informed blogging on legal matters in opinion-forming. My January article … Continue reading

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A week of law, justice and public opinion

Last week saw the mobilisation of a large body of opinion via Twitter in support of the airport “joker” Paul Chambers. If we cannot exactly claim success, we have at least seen how quickly a mass protest can pick up. … Continue reading

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European Commission takes action against UK for data protection failings

An article in Document Management News reports on the legal action being taken by the European Commission against the UK for gaps in the legislation required to comply with EU data protection laws. The investigation leading to the action was … Continue reading

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British liberties viewed from the Land of the Free

The subject of liberty came at me in three different ways on a single Sunday morning in Washington a few days ago. The top article in the Washington Post was headed “In today’s viral world, who keeps a civil tongue” … Continue reading

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Technology and constitutional protection at the Supreme Court

Readers will know that the defence of our democratic rights vies for my attention with efficient case management and the use of technology in litigation. The new Supreme Court combines both of these interests. There is a story of a … Continue reading

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