Spotlight: Asia – virtual event from Relativity on 7 April

On 7 April, Relativity is running a virtual event called Spotlight: Asia which brings together legal and technology experts, and their clients, for a half-day of discussions aimed at the wide and diverse area implied by the event title. The event website is here, and there is a press release about it here.

The major events of the last two years, first plague and now war, have had a major impact on the areas in which Relativity specialises, and Relativity has invested heavily in the Asia market to meet the new challenges. Security concerns are perhaps the main driver for change, but we have also seen heavily-increased activity by regulators, particularly those concerned with financial matters. In addition, today’s current affairs are the source of tomorrow’s litigation, and organisations must be ready for all of it.

The agenda for Spotlight: Asia reflects these concerns. The opening General Session will consider how legal and compliance pressures, and the changes in the volumes, types and sources of data, are applying pressure on organisations and on those responsible for managing the challenges. Although the focus tends to be on defensive activity – protecting the organisation against security attacks and being ready to face regulatory interventions – organisations are also expanding their businesses and looking for more efficient ways to work, particularly between organisations and across borders.

The second session is called Detecting risk with Relativity Trace. The function of Relativity Trace is to detect wrongful activity before it becomes dangerous by proactively monitoring electronic and audio communications. The pace of activity and the distribution of workforces as a result of the pandemic have heightened the risk of insider trading, collusion and other wrongful conduct. Recent work on Relativity Trace has enhanced the users’ ability to focus on the alerts that matter and to enable faster review, not least of audio communications. The session will explain how to use Relativity Trace to meet these challenges.

The third session is called Legal and compliance trends in Asia, and its primary focus is on the demand for locally-hosted SaaS solutions. RelativityOne is the tool of choice for many organisations for its functionality, scaleability, and the need to build privacy and data protection into business systems.

Relativity has made significant enhancements to the products available to meet all these challenges. Chris Brown, Chief Product Officer at Relativity, says

“Spotlight: Asia will give attendees insight into Relativity’s product investments. This includes security enhancements, new data ingestion methods, short message capabilities, integrated foreign language translation and more investigative AI functionality, all designed to help our customers succeed in this dynamic environment.”

Relativity was quick to adapt its conferences to the virtual environment required by the pandemic, and has gathered considerable experience in the last two years in organising events which preserve the best elements carried over from physical events whilst making it practicable for people to attend from across this very wide region.

There is a registration form here.


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I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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