Interview: Nicola Harrison of Nuix on the benefits of Nuix’s Ringtail acquisition plus forthcoming Nuix webinars

The video interview has become my preferred form of output, giving the opportunity to learn at first hand from people engaged in different parts of the eDiscovery world. We do a lot of them, and it is great when, as here, someone else does the technical and production stuff.

While I was at the Nuix User Exchange at Huntington Beach, Nuix got me to interview a range of people. One of them was advisory account manager Nicola Harrison who had just joined Nuix from EY – Nuix’s acquisition of Ringtail took place a few days before the event. It was a good opportunity to ask her about the benefits for clients of the combination of Nuix and Ringtail.

The word which recurs during this interview is “excited”. Nicola Harrison talks of her experience of being out with clients and understanding their challenges, and of bringing that and her technical background to her new account management role at Nuix. Joining Ringtail to Nuix, she said, brought true end-to-end eDiscovery to the clients.

The combination now covered every aspect of the EDRM, from information governance on the left all the way through to eDiscovery production on the right. She had already spoken to a number of clients, and they were extremely positive about the conjoined product, eager to get their hands on it and explore its potential.

While I am on the subject of Nuix and Ringtail, there are Ringtail product demos tomorrow, 22 January, as part of a continuing series of Nuix webinars. You can find details of this and other Nuix webinars here.


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