Awards and plaudits for iCONECT XERA

It may be a coincidence, but eDiscovery software company iCONECT seems to be hogging the eDiscovery limelight since the appointment of Lynn Frances Jae as marketing director (I wrote about that appointment here).

My own contribution was my article Netflix as a model for explaining technology assisted review. Platinum IDS followed with an article called Three XERA features that change the game in eDiscovery review. I like the sort of article which picks from hundreds of functions the handful which actually make a difference to the user – not always the ones which a demonstrator uses. (The three are Faceting, Document Compare and Xmplar, but I leave you to read about them for yourself).

Next, Silicon Review named iCONECT as one of the 50 Most Valuable Brands for 2017. Among other reasons for the success, as CEO Ian Campbell said, is “the importance of focusing on the company’s mainstay legal business while expanding into other industries with extensive data investigation requirements, such as healthcare and public services”. There is a press release about this here.

Lastly (for now) was an award going the other way – recognition of Ricoh with an iCONECT Platinum Partner award. The are strict requirements for such an award including product vision, customer service, engagement with clients to expand eDiscovery knowledge, and joint marketing. Platinum awards are granted to companies which have made additional investments in staff, infrastructure and customer engagement. There is a press release about this here.

Earlier this year, I interviewed Ian Campbell on the theme of choices offered by iCONECT-XERA – choices in licensing, choices in the tools to use, choices in workflow and choices in language, as well as a dedicated band of resellers to provide support. That interview is here:


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