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ILTA Insight – litigation costs budgets

This is the third of a series of articles loosely based round the events in which I  participated last week. The recurring threads are the wide range of subjects which get swept up under or alongside eDisclosure / eDiscovery, and … Continue reading

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Video marketing, fixed pricing of litigation services and Precedent H

You know how you sometimes start a conversation and quickly realise that you would have done well to keep your mouth shut? I did that last week. Fixed-price quotations for legal services and the defects of the CPR’s new budget … Continue reading

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Costs management – relief from sanctions under CPR 3.9

One of the things I had hoped to achieve before setting off to ILTA was a post pulling together what one knows of reports of relief from sanctions cases under Civil Procedure Rule 3.9 specifically relating to costs management and … Continue reading

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Early Data Assessment – a webinar with AccessData and Apersee

I took part in a webinar yesterday with Caitlin Murphy of AccessData, Tom Gelbmann and George Socha of Apersee, and Chad Papenfuss of the Federal Trade Commission. Our subject was Early Data Assessment and the title we gave to it … Continue reading

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Costs Management moves closer in England and Wales

I have already drawn attention to an article by His Honour Judge Simon Brown QC in the New Law Journal called Costs management & docketed judges: are you ready for the big bang next year? which describes what is to be expected … Continue reading

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