Relativity highlights EMEA growth and unveils product updates

The usual task when looking at a press release is to disinter the key facts from beneath the marketing gobbledegook and translate them into something comprehensible to the lay user. That doesn’t arise with Relativity’s PRs, which are models of brevity and clarity. I often have to ring someone up to get some flesh to put on the bones. That is how it should be – a press release should leave one wanting more.

A press release headed Relativity Highlights EMEA Growth and Unveils Product Updates
is written with Relativity’s usual clarity, and each subject is covered with the fewest possible words, but it has a very wide range of subjects, reflecting both market activity and product enhancements. I don’t do you much service by simply parroting what it says, but a summary may be helpful to encourage you to read the original.

Most of the news about Relativity in the past year and more has been about the global spread of its cloud platform RelativityOne and its surveillance platform Relativity Trace. Every step has been accompanied by an unspoken “You ain’t seen nothing yet” – the implication that there is more to come. This press release uncovers further expansion of both platforms – a 98% growth in data under management in EMEA, the addition of a RelativityOne team in Germany, and the announcement that both RelativityOne and Trace will be available in Ireland and the UAE in Q3.

On the product side, the news is first about investments in helping clients with “the evolving, increasingly collaborative nature of work”, and second with AI developments. There is a focus on streamlining the collection of data from a wide range of cloud data sources – the current focus is on ubiquitous platforms like Microsoft Teams, Outlook email, OneDrive, Slack and Google Workspace, but there are plans to extend this to over 50 sources in the coming years, along with enhancements to Relativity Short Message Format. On the user side, RelativityOne Connect allows secure access across Relativity workspaces and instances wherever they are, and RelativityOne Redact reduces both the time and the risk of redactions – timely in a week where there has been yet another high-profile redaction foul-up by a major corporation.

The AI developments in both RelativityOne and Relativity Trace are aimed in part at reducing the amount of work needed to assimilate and investigate very large volumes of (often contemporaneous) data. In Relativity Trace, the focus is on Control Room Surveillance and on Trade Reconstruction. Regulators increasingly require the whole picture by the correlation of multiple sources of information – a trade comprises much more than the structured formal documents which evidence it, including communications data surrounding it. There is a strong focus on individuals – those subject to particular restrictions on information-sharing by virtue of their roles, or those deemed particularly risky for whatever reason. This conventionally involves a great deal of manual cross-checking; the automatic correlation of all relevant data speeds up the identification of risk without manual overhead.

If one wants a very short summary of this press release, it is about enhanced user capability over a wider geographical range. I have the sense that Relativity will not be stopping here, and that these extensions of function and jurisdictions will continue.




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