Inventus expands eDiscovery and legal services in Asia

I had some interesting interviews earlier this year with Paul Mankoo, CEO of Inventus. In one of them, he talked about the benefits of a UK base for a multinational eDiscovery and legal services company.

My write-up of the interview includes this:

Paul Mankoo said that more of Inventus’s business is outside the US than is inside it, and it offers more services in, and derives more revenue from, non-US locations. With two German offices (in Frankfurt and Berlin) it has a strong presence in mainland EU. This growth is greater in Asia than in the US.

It is important, Paul Mankoo said, to understand the markets and to emphasise that Inventus is not merely a US-centric business. Internally, having a UK CEO avoids giving the impression that one jurisdiction is more important than another. He might have added that London is more convenient in time zone terms for a business which operates at the outer limits of both East and West.

In pursuit of that global objective, Inventus has now opened a new office and data centre in Hong Kong, making a total of 17 offices and eight data centres throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Inventus has written about the expansion here.

Mentioned in the Inventus blog post is Erin Plante (I interviewed her here), who is Director, Strategy and Consulting at Inventus. She draws attention to the complex cross-border legal issues which are an increasing component of international discovery. The consolidation of the eDiscovery industry is led in part by the need to have big players like Inventus offering top quality services around the world, bringing consistent quality in every jurisdiction for multinational clients whose needs necessarily cross borders.


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