Interview: JR Jenkins of Nuix on the success of the integration between Nuix and Ringtail

I have known JR Jenkins, now at Nuix with the rest of Ringtail, for many years. We have had long discussions over that time once or twice a year, talking not only about Ringtail but also about the developments in the market in which Ringtail has been a major player for so long. Now he has moved from FTI to Nuix, and our discussion was my first opportunity to catch up with developments in the (then) five months since the acquisition.

JR Jenkins emphasised that Nuix and FTI had had a working relationship for many years before the acquisition. To a great extent, developments since then have been business as usual, and we have seen versions 9.4 and 9.8 of Ringtail with no interruption in development. This, JR Jenkins said, is not just because of the pre-existing technical and business relationship but because the Nuix leadership was emphatic that Ringtail development should continue as before under its new banner.

The development teams have started working together and are seeing new opportunities, specifically with Ringtail’s analytics.

There had been great interest from existing users on both sides, and the show had provided a great opportunity to show off all the “cool things”.

Ringtail was one of the first eDiscovery applications to move to the cloud. JR Jenkins recalled Legaltech in 2013, when everyone was saying that corporations would never put their data in the cloud. The market has changed since then, not least because the spread of Office 365 meant that most organisations already had their data in the cloud.

Software companies were moving globally, partly thanks to the spread of Amazon Web Services, and partly because organisations were increasingly working globally. JR Jenkins said that Nuix was expanding its Ringtail SaaS offerings in Australia, the UK and, effectively, anywhere that AWS was available.


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