Interview: Ian Campbell of iCONECT on the growing need for HR departments to manage data

Ian Campbell, CEO of discovery software company iCONECT, realised long ago that the skills and the technology used for electronic discovery had wider applications. For example, iCONECT now has a strong presence in healthcare data, helping hospitals, medical practices etc to centralise data, perhaps from disparate systems over long periods, into iCONECT’s XERA software. All sorts of reasons justify this, from enhanced business efficiency through to compliance with regulations about the preservation of medical data.

In this interview with me, Ian Campbell talks about another area receiving growing attention within large organisations. This is data held by human resources departments, a major headache for companies with many employees.

iCONECT’s own post about this interview and its context is here.

Ian Campbell says that most companies have software designed for bringing new employees on board and for managing their personnel records when they leave. These, however, do not help with the often large volumes of data left behind by departing employees. Many companies in the recent past simply left their IT departments to wipe and recycle desktop and laptop computers and to free up storage space by getting rid of the data of those who have gone.

While much of such data may be indeed be irrelevant following a departure, much of it may be needed, either for some future dispute between employer and employee or because the company becomes involved in litigation or a regulatory investigation where it becomes important to have access to data contemporaneous with the events in question. Often overlooked is the possibility that this data may have a positive value of the business.


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