Not yet my Legaltech report (but links to those of others)

You will have noticed (well, I hope you have noticed) that I have fallen silent on this blog for some days. I have similarly been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter.

The reason, of course, lies in my annual trip to Legaltech (now Legalweek but old habits die hard) in New York. Quite apart from the preparation, the travel, and all the events and meetings at LegalTech itself, I come back with a clutch of business cards to follow-up on, with commitments to write to people I have met and, not least, with the expectation that I will write about the event itself. All that in addition to the stuff that didn’t get done while I was away. I am working my way through all that.

Oh, and the photographs. It often takes so long to get the photographs done that their subjects have visibly aged before I get to them. We overcame that problem this year by not taking very many, not least because my DSLR was doubling as the second video camera in the “studio” we built for ourselves nearby. The only ones we took were of the kCura New frontiers for international eDiscovery panel (when I say “we”, I mean my son Will Dale; I was on the panel, which is not a good vantage-point for picture-taking).


Steve Couling, David Horrigan, Karyn Harty, Davin Teo, Chris Dale

I am always impressed by people who come back from Legaltech with a promptly-written, neatly-ordered summary of the software demos they have seen, the sessions they attended and the main themes detected during the week. I find it hard to remember what I did at the end of each day, let alone in comprehensive form published as soon as I get back.

There are some links below to articles written by others which summarise what were the main points of interest to their authors at Legaltech. I will add to it as more come my way. Meanwhile, I will get on and write my own.

Sarah Brown of Epiq/DTI
Four Buzzworthy Trends Overheard at Legaltech 2017

Bob Ambrogi on Above The Law
This Week In Legal Tech: Post-Mortem On The Legaltech/Legalweek Conference

Caroline Hill of Legal IT Insider
Legal IT News: Legaltech New York round up

Nikki Black of MyCase
Legaltech 2017: The Recap

Brett Burney of eDiscoveryInfo
Legaltech 2017 Notes, Observations, and Proclamations

Doug Austin of CloudNine
Thoughts About LegalTech New York 2017: eDiscovery Trends

Bob Ambrogi on LawSites
My Mega Wrap-Up of Product News from the Legaltech Conference

Rob Robinson on Complex Discovery
From Cake to Cost: On and Around eDiscovery at Legaltech 2017

ACEDS 2017 Legaltech Highlights


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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