Q&A: Reasons for using Viewpoint from Xerox Legal Business Services

XeroxLDM Global’s Joey Friedmann discusses how Xerox’s Viewpoint eDisclosure platform helps clients achieve greater efficiencies in eDisclosure projects.

Viewpoint is an eDiscovery platform of Xerox Legal Business Services. It is available as a hosted platform or used behind the client’s firewall, deployed as a “backpack” solution where data must remain in situ. Xerox Legal Business Services has had considerable success with Viewpoint in the US, the UK and for projects in the Asia Pacific region, where on-site deployment is often a requirement.

Viewpoint is available in the UK through LDM Global, an eDisclosure service provider and Viewpoint partner.

I have been speaking to Rachel Teisch, Vice President of Marketing at Xerox, to learn more about Viewpoint and, in particular to better understand Xerox’s parallel development of Viewpoint and its Relativity offerings. I asked to speak to a Viewpoint partner and Rachel Teisch referred me to Joey Friedmann, the Director of Project Management at LDM Global. I recently talked with him about LDM Global’s use of Viewpoint and how it adds value to client projects, with particular reference to budget-conscious London. This post combines my discussions with both Joey Friedmann and Rachel Teisch.

Joey Friedmann at LDM Global

Chris: By way of background, can you tell us a bit about LDM Global?

Joey: LDM Global started as a copying and scanning company 20 years ago in London. Our headquarters are now in the U.S., and in addition to a large UK presence we have facilities in Australia and the Caribbean. We were very early in developing eDisclosure skills and services and are technology neutral, meaning that we will choose and offer the best software to meet our clients’ needs. We adopted Viewpoint early on and evangelised it. We offer a full spectrum of services, including forensic collections, processing, hosted review and production. Professional services and consulting is a big part of what we do. Our consultants are chosen to ensure we are a true partner to our law firm clients, thoroughly understanding case objectives and translating them into a strategy for the particular case, educating law firms, and working directly with the end client as needed.

Chris: LDM Global uses multiple software tools to manage client projects. When would you recommend a client to use Viewpoint?

Joey: We believe in understanding a law firm’s or company’s objectives and the details of their matter before we make any recommendations on workflow and software. Once we’ve established their needs, we often recommend Viewpoint for its ease of use and all-in-one model. Some typical scenarios in which we recommend Viewpoint include the following:

• When greater predictability is needed for the budget. Because Viewpoint is all-inclusive, including its advanced analytics and assisted review features, the pricing structure allows us greater flexibility so we can offer all-in or flat fee options to clients. We’ve also created a small matter offering for matters of ten Gigabytes or less that includes all processing, review and analytics capabilities for the cost of only a few billable hours per month. That’s proven to be very popular with smaller law firms and companies.

• When clients need to deploy advanced analytics for greater efficiencies upfront. In some cases, it’s valuable to be able to deploy advanced tools immediately after processing. For example, some clients already know exactly what keywords or dates they want to run. But in any case where there is a certain level of culling needed, where the key terms are still in a negotiation phase and you want to find information without actually looking at the documents – Viewpoint is key. When we want to dive in and see how much data we can remove but not actually look at the documents, Viewpoint gives us an environment where we can investigate and find what needs to go into review that relates directly to the complaint or disclosure requests, leveraging analytics such as e-mail redundancy and thread management, near-duplicate identification, relationship analyzer, concept analyzer and Viewpoint Assisted Review.

Chris: Viewpoint is clearly a powerful platform. What value add does LDM offer around client use of Viewpoint?

Joey: Like any software, the platform alone it is not a guarantee for a successful disclosure. Our experience with Viewpoint, its versatility, our ability to deeply engage in the matter, and our experienced consultants provide an extraordinary value add to our clients. Because analytics are included at no additional cost, we can quickly determine best strategies for our client and multiple scenarios before the start of a review project to determine which analytics and workflow options will deliver the greatest efficiencies and optimal results. We also always encourage a few hours of a consultant’s time to help determine best strategies for their case. When the expertise is combined with powerful software, the combination leads to a delightful disclosure experience.

Chris: Is there a specific matter where the use of Viewpoint added value over another tool?

Joey: In a recent contract dispute, the client had a number of laptops and archived data that needed to be collected, and we ended up with a large amount of data, including personal information unrelated to the matter. With Viewpoint, we were able to combine keyword analysis, e-mail thread analysis and workflows that helped identify potentially privilege, and to get rid of other e-mails to exclude them from the review so that we could cull a population of over two million records to a relevant review set of fewer than 50,000 documents. Also, because of Viewpoint’s production capabilities, we were able to easily meet disclosure stipulations for multiple platforms the other parties were using. These capabilities were made much easier through the use of Viewpoint and resulted in greater efficiencies and cost savings to our client.

Rachel Teisch, Vice President of Marketing at Xerox

Chris: Xerox bought Lateral Data in 2012, and it brought Relativity on board as a solution in the Autumn of 2015. Now that Xerox supports multiple platforms, what is the future of Viewpoint and what is the product roadmap?

Rachel: Xerox is focusing our investments on creating high value-added offerings for all of our platforms, both proprietary and licensed, and the addition of Relativity has strengthened our ability to give clients more options on how they want to manage their disclosure matters. We will continue to expand our capabilities in handling the complexities of matters across a company’s entire litigation and compliance portfolio while addressing the increasing challenges of cross-border discovery and data privacy requirements.

We just released Viewpoint 6.0, which gives clients some new ways to interact with the reporting tools and help cull documents even further. The rest of our 2016 enhancements and 2017 roadmap are well underway, and we will continue to invest in Viewpoint as part of our services strategy. Viewpoint has two major releases a year as well as minor releases throughout the year. Viewpoint is a powerful yet flexible platform. In addition to its availability as a hosted review platform, it is the underlying technology for our managed services offering and “backpack” service for on-site data processing, review and production matters in which data must remain on site, and we remain committed to supporting our partners, such as LDM Global, that use Viewpoint to support their client matters end-to-end.


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