Interview with Eddie Sheehy as he celebrates 10 years as CEO at Nuix

NuixNewLogo1Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix, has been with the company for ten years. To mark the occasion, the Nuix marketing department asked him ten questions about his time with a company which has seen remarkable growth in a very short time.

In the resulting video, Eddie Sheehy talks about his early aspirations for the company and about how they have been exceeded. We hear of the letter from the SEC which gave such enormous credibility to Nuix, and about Eddie’s favourite customer win, alongside stories of early struggles, his hardest moment, and the difficulties of combining an exhausting travel schedule with bringing up children. There is praise for the staff, not least the development team and for stalwarts like CTO Stephen Stewart and North America CEO Jim Kent.

We hear also of Eddie Sheehy’s aspirations for Nuix Insight, the analytics and intelligence platform which, Eddie says, will be in use by many customers during this year.

There are wider ambitions too. Nuix will almost certainly be a listed company ten years hence, but Eddie Sheehy intends that it will remain a “trusted brand”. Customers will “not go out for second opinions and third opinions”, he says, but will come to Nuix because it has “already solved big, hairy problems”

A picture emerges of a nice bloke, still agreeably surprised by the way fate has smiled on his once-little company, while simultaneously being a committed, almost aggressive, hunter after better technology, yet more customers and “more bad guys behind bars”.


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I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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