Analytics Hub: Analytics-as-a-Service from Xerox Legal Business Services

XeroxAnalytics Hub is a new service from Xerox Legal Business Services. Most people engaged in large eDiscovery exercises are used to calling on analytical tools built into their eDiscovery applications to help them extract useful information from large volumes of documents in their current case. The Xerox Analytics Hub brings similar power across all prior and current cases.

Furthermore, making analytics available in this way brings analytical power to pre-emptive risk management separate from (and perhaps in anticipation of) reactive eDiscovery exercises, perhaps heading them off entirely.

An article called How analytics can boost eDiscovery and help you protect your brand by Rachel Teisch of Xerox Legal Business Services summarises what is involved here. She says that tools like technology-assisted review, email threading, relationship analysis, concept analysis, and near-dupe detection are by now considered essential for managing the case in front of you. Analytics-as-a-service allows you to:

consolidate masses of data across legal cases and assess up to billions of prior document classifications made by attorneys to identify which documents are relevant for new cases, eliminate repeat reviews, automate the classification of document and identify data that could be a legal liability in the future.

This, as Rachel Teisch points out, can be used in anticipation of, say, a regulatory investigation. It can mitigate risk and improve productivity.

An article called How analytics help attorneys better prepare for their cases by Beth Fritts, managing director of Xerox Legal Business Services, expands on this and identifies three particular examples:

The elimination of repeat reviews which not only saves time and money but eliminates inconsistent coding.

Automating the classification of documents by looking at the characteristics of previously-classified documents and applying the results to new and further documents.

Identifying risks in data – not just because of a current or pending regulatory investigation but to act as an early warning system for practices or language which may cause trouble in the future.

Another Rachel Teisch post links to an article called How Data-Driven Medicine Can Cure Big Pharma’s Compliance Woes by Robert Hellewell of Xerox Business Services and Aimee Hamilton of TMS Health which expands on the use of analytical tools in the specific context of pharmaceutical development.

It is, of course, useful to be able to solve clients’ eDiscovery problems more easily with analytic tools. Increasingly, however, clients are looking for solutions and skills which identify and head off the problems at source. The Analytics-as-a-Service offered by the Xerox Analytics Hub is designed for both the proactive and the reactive implications.


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