Nuix living up to its promises at the Insider Conference in London

NuixI was diverted from writing about the Nuix Insider Conference, held in London on 23 March, by the news of the Panama Papers which broke shortly afterwards. That was too topical to miss, and Nuix played a major part in it, as I described in my article Nuix provides the power behind the humans investigating the Panama Papers leaks.

The Nuix Insider Conference drew a very large audience from companies, service providers, forensic experts, law firms and law enforcement people. Some of the sessions were technical in nature, such as those about the optimisation of software and hardware or for the forensic subjects; others were to do with the conduct of investigations – dealing with archives, reducing data volumes and finding sensitive data for example.

EddieSheehyLondonIn opening, CEO Eddie Sheehy took as his theme “Have we lived up to our promises?”, answering with:

  • The software works
  • Support always replies
  • The information we give you back is worthy of your time
  • You have confidence to take on bigger, hairier jobs
  • To law enforcement – we help you put the bad guys away
  • To enterprise – we make you look good.

All of these things, Eddie Sheehy said, derived from the same process.

Nuix has seen its biggest growth in Web Review and Analytics, and in “the ease of getting from overview to detail”. Nuix 7 was here, and that and the forthcoming Nuix Insight represented a step up from after-the-fact information to pre-emptive knowledge.

StephenStewartLondonCTO Steven Stewart took up the theme. His focus was on tying computers back to individuals and on telling stories with data. He ranged from Kevin Bacon and the 6 Degrees of Separation to LinkedIn invitations from people you don’t know. It all comes back to the Nuix Engine and “the ones and zeros” he said.

I took part in a panel on the pending EU General Data Protection Regulation with Mark Burgess of Vodafone, Mark McCluskie of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Julie Colgan of Nuix, all moderated by Paul Slater of Nuix. Our title was What can you know in 72 hours? and I have written about it already here à propos a webinar which the same team is doing on the same subject on 31 May.

Stuart Clark of Nuix and John Lapraik of Millnet talked about best practices in early case assessment and how data analytics allows you to see the bigger picture faster as part of an eDiscovery exercise; Angela Bunting of Nuix told us how best to reduce data volumes for review.

In the closing session, Nuix’s senior people ranged over too wide a range of topics to capture here. Picking just one, Eddie Sheehy emphasised that Nuix was not abandoning eDiscovery – “You don’t forget where you came from”, he said.


The other thing Nuix does not forget is its large body of partners and users. Eddie Sheehy made much of them in his opening speech and the general feeling at the event was that Nuix’s commitment to them is reciprocated.

Nuix’s big annual event is the Nuix User Exchange at Huntington Beach on 18-21 September. There is more information about that here.

Some of my pictures of the London Nuix Insider Conference are here.


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I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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