Adi Elliott of Epiq talks about using the DMX eDiscovery Dashboards to gain business intelligence

Epiq_logo_200Adi Elliott is Vice President, Market Planning, Discovery, for Epiq. I caught up with him in Hong Kong shortly after Epiq’s announcement of enhancements to the DMX eDiscovery Dashboards, and I asked him about them.

The video interview is below.

Adi Elliott said that the DMX enhancements were aimed at giving business intelligence to clients, allowing them insights on which they could make business decisions.

At one level, this covers market automation, that is, the ability to decide whether one marketing campaign is working better than another.

The primary purpose, however, is to give the clients a deeper understanding of the work which is being done on their behalf. Adi Elliott gives an example of two different firms being employed in parallel on the same task. Using the DMX eDiscovery Dashboards, the clients could understand who did the better job and, perhaps, draw wider lessons for future use.

It is also useful for the clients to be able to make predictions depending on new insights into the progress of a job – addressing questions like whether the project will finish on time or how many reviewers would be needed to achieve that. This has effect on deadlines and budgets.



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