Conversations on privacy and Pyrrho at the Relativity Spring Roadshow

kCura - RelativitykCura’s Relativity Spring Roadshow takes place on Tuesday 3 May at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel London. I have already written about it, but thought it worth observing that the Industry Sessions programme is now published in its full form and can be found here.

Both my sessions, one on privacy and one on the Pyrrho predictive coding decision, are billed as “conversations” which is what I usually aim for when moderating sessions like this.

The privacy one is called What the age of privacy regulation means for eDisclosure and compliance at which I am joined by Gayle McFarlane of Cordery Compliance, and Ari Senders and Mark Cordy of KPMG.

The General Data Protection Regulation will do more than perhaps anything to narrow the gap between eDiscovery people and those responsible for IT policy within organisations. Many of the information-related issues which face corporations stem from the fact that data has always been thought of as an IT responsibility while discovery is led by the lawyers and by eDiscovery specialists. One of the main messages from the Information Governance Initiative and others interested in information governance is that you can no longer treat these subjects as separate. The requirements of the GDPR, to say nothing of discovery demands from across the Atlantic, mean that these subjects have to be managed together. It follows from that that eDiscovery / eDisclosure specialists must understand the subject.

As to Pyrrho, I am lucky enough (as I said in my previous article) to have the company of Ed Spencer of Taylor Wessing and Dan Wyatt of RPC who are involved on opposite sides in Pyrrho. With Greg Houston from kCura to add the Relativity technical expertise, we are set for a good conversation.

The opening session has an all-star cast – Jonathan Maas of Consilio, Sean Pike of IDC, Nick Patience of 451 Research and David Horrigan of kCura. Their discussion is about The UK’s influence on modern eDiscovery. As regular readers will know, I kick back at the thought-free assertion that the US leads the world in eDiscovery. This panel’s members have their feet on both sides of the Atlantic and it will be interesting to hear them discuss the point.

The third panel is called Navigating risk and challenging banking compliance delivered by Brian Stuart and Rhys John of EY UK. There are, perhaps, still those who think that compliance is a subject to all of its own, distinct from eDiscovery and its related issues. As with privacy, it is important for eDiscovery people to understand the challenges faced by those whose business they seek, especially in the financial field.

These discussions are only part of what is on offer at the kCura Spring Road Show. There is a registration form here for those making a last-minute decision to attend.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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