Nuix webinar on 21 April: Insider threats – protecting data during eDiscovery

NuixNewLogo1Nuix has a webinar on 21 April called Insider threats – protecting data during eDiscovery. I interviewed Michael Chance of Nuix on this subject in February. The webinar details are here, with the video interview below.

All businesses are vulnerable to the risk of having data lost or compromised in some way. Law firms are as vulnerable as any other business, and perhaps more so because the nature of their work often involves holding the data of their clients.

And not just any old data. That held by lawyers is often particularly valuable to hackers because it has often been pre-filtered down to consist largely of the most valuable data. Documents used or created for the purposes of an acquisition or other significant deal are particularly rich in valuable information; eDiscovery documents which have been culled down are another example of a data set which is inherently valuable;

A very high proportion of incidents derive from the actions of insiders, whether as a result of deliberate intent or through carelessness.

Nuix is presenting a webinar called Insider threats – protecting data during eDiscovery on 21st April at 1:00pm ET at which the particular vulnerability of eDiscovery data will be considered.

The speakers are James Sherer, Counsel at BakerHostetler, Julie Colgan, Vice President, Information Governance at Nuix, Michael Chance, Director, Business Threat Intelligence and Analysis at Nuix, and Jeff Griffiths, Principal at Deloitte Transactions & Business Analytics LLP.

They will help you to:

  • Understand the vulnerabilities in data and information management during eDiscovery
  • Learn the risks of intentional or accidental compromise posed by insiders
  • Obtain practice tips for detecting and deterring potential insider threats.

There is a registration form here.

I interviewed Michael Chance at Legaltech along with Angela Bunting, VP eDiscovery at Nuix, and discussed with them the same points which are to be covered in the webinar. An insider threat, Michael Chance said, is any threat which arises within the organisation which generally means, in practice, the employees – people the company trusts with access to its network and its data.

Such people can steal or manipulate data for their own purposes and to the obvious detriment of the business.

The first and most obvious way to deal with this is to limit and monitor access to critical data. This applies both in the ordinary conduct of business and during the eDiscovery process. During discovery, the lawyers collect what Angela Bunting calls a “beautiful subset of all that critical data in one location” where the lawyers have already done the work of picking out the most important things.

Once you know what you have, you can protect it and (as Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix, put it in my recent interview with him) you become a smaller target.

Angela Bunting said that Nuix has new tools coming out to deal with this in addition to its Sensitive Data Finder and other applications designed to identify and protect key data.
The video of that interview is here:


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