Another year, another LegalTech

My New Year resolution, in business terms, was to take on things only if a) they had a business benefit for me or b) they benefited one or more of my sponsors and/or c) were interesting. I would cut down on the flying, and write only for me and for my sponsors, declining (nearly) all invitations to write for third parties. I would devote more time to devising means of producing eDisclosure / eDiscovery resources which did not involve the inconvenience and expense of having to travel to deliver them.

Here we are at the end of January. How is it going so far? Well, I have spent days prepping for video webinars for someone to whom I owe no obligations, and I am about to spend the first week of February in the US and the last week in Hong Kong, so the resolutions are not standing the test of time. The webinars, however, had collateral benefits, and the two trips meet all my criteria of benefit and interest.

CPD Videos

The time-consuming videos were for a reputable CPD company. I always said that the one thing I would not do was talk unaccompanied at a video camera for 60 minutes – although I am keen on video as a means of conveying information, that is when either when it comes in small bites or when it involves discussion with other people. To just look at a camera and talk to myself on a dense and fairly technical subject for 60 minutes is no fun at all.

The fee, though not ungenerous, comes down to rather less than the minimum wage per hour if you take account of all the prep, the delivery and the admin which goes with it.

So if I dislike it so much and it barely pays, why did I agree to take it on? I did it because I wanted to force myself to create the content, and the videos gave me a deadline. I revamp my slides at least once a year anyway, and my son Will and I are developing a new website which will include resources of this kind. I wanted to impose on myself the discipline of doing it by the end of January.

On the plus side, it is done and we will release our web version shortly. On the minus side, it took an enormous amount of time (and I hated doing it for the reasons already given).

LegalTech Panels

The other consumer of time has been preparation for panels at LegalTech. I have long been booked to do one on cross-border discovery for Nuix, part of Nuix’s Information Governance track on Thursday. I wrote about it here and the track description page is here.

Next I was invited to moderate a panel on information risk for Guidance Software. Its title is “Time is not on your side when it comes to data security” and the panel members are Adam Isles, Principal at the Chertoff Group, Ed McAndrew, formerly of the US DoJ and now advising on privacy, data security and related subjects at Ballard Spahr, and Scott Carlson, partner at Seyfarth Shaw and co-leader of the firm’s Global Privacy and Security Team. This is a first-rate panel and I very much look forward to moderating it on Tuesday morning. There is more information about it here.

Last but not least, I am co-moderating a judicial panel with the Corporate Counsel eDiscovery Group. The judges are US Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck, US Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte and US Magistrate Judge Frank Maas; my co-moderators are Bill Belt of AlixPartners and Anne Kershaw of Knowledge Strategy Solutions.

A judicial panel, one on security and risk, and one on cross-border discovery and information governance is a pretty good mix for the week and I look forward to all of them.

Video interviews

Then there are the videos. Our new website has aggregated all the videos which we have published over the past year on a page here. We are doing many more at LegalTech – indeed, I have left myself little time for my usual occupation there which is to just wander around and bump into people to talk to – at this, the largest gathering of eDiscovery and IG people in the world, it takes only a few minutes to come across the next person whose conversation is worth having.

Like preparing video lectures, and planning for panels, the organisation of the videos has been pretty time-consuming. At least I have some time to catch up when I get back – well, a few days before the next LegalTech, LegalTech Hong Kong, where my subject is again Cross-border discovery. More on that shortly.

LegalTech kicked off this morning with the Commonwealth Brunch. Will and I will made our annual pilgrimage to B&H, surely the largest photographic retailer in the world, which somehow took most of the rest of the day, and our first video interview kicks off at 9:00am tomorrow. I don’t promise further despatches from this hyperactive circus.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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