Ari Kaplan survey with Recommind: Reinventing corporate legal with cloud consolidation

RecommindAri Kaplan has established a reputation for conducting first-hand surveys of those who influence decision-making in eDiscovery and related areas.

He recently teamed up with Recommind to conduct a survey of 25 large corporations for the 2015 Corporate Legal Operations Survey. The questions related to how they worked, what caused them particular difficulties and what their plans were for the future.

The replies focus on cost, the cloud, and the security implications of eDiscovery. These factors do not necessarily pull in opposite directions – one of the conclusions from the survey is that significant savings can be made by consolidating data in the cloud, with one of the interviewees saying:

In a perfect world, the company would deliver raw electronically stored information in SaaS to which outside counsel has access.

Adam Kuhn of Recommind has summarised the survey’s findings in a blog post called Survey recap: reinventing corporate legal without consolidation.

That post links to turn to a recent webinar in which Ari Kaplan discussed the findings with Hal Marcus of Recommind and Brett Durand of Pfizer. You can find that webinar here.



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