Integrated analytics, predictive review, customisation and visualisation for iCONECT-XERA

iCONECTI turn my back for a week to go abroad and iCONECT makes not one but two big announcements about developments to iCONECT-XERA

The first is a significant licensing change which means that all new XERA licenses will include XERA’s analytic tools including predictive coding, workflow, iCONECT’s XMPLAR, near-duplication, conceptual search, email threading and iVIEW cluster visualization.

This does more than bring these existing tools to all users. A key requirement for end-clients, and for iCONECT’s Hosting partners, is predictability, not least of cost. It is not always possible to say at the outset of a project which tools will be required to manage data whose scope is as yet unclear. With all the analytic tools included in the licensing cost, it becomes possible to decide on the fly which tools are to be used at any stage without having to buy new licences.

Gavin Mains of iCONECT’s hosting partner Avansic says:

“The ability to include analytics, specifically predictive review, with every project will mean real savings for our clients. iCONECT continues to add value to the XERA platform, and now with near-dupe, threading and predictive review included in licensing, our clients will benefit immensely”.

There is a press release here which sets out the features which are covered by the new licensing arrangements.

The second development extends iCONECT’s already impressive functions which allow customisation of the product and the visualisation of the data in it. iCONECT has always been good at this, allowing administrators to adjust the look and feel of the product, to brand it appropriately for the client and to make it look “theirs”.

The data visualisation tools extend something which iCONECT has long taken as a design priority – to allow users to see quickly what the data comprises, grouping conceptually similar data together, and generally make it easier for users to find information relevant to the search.

There is a press release about this here.



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