Consolidation on a single blog

My recent post, Taking a breather from eDiscovery events, did not intend to give the impression, as it did to at least one person, that I am knocking off for a bit. That’s a nice thought, but the only thing which diminishes for a while is the getting on trains or planes all the time so that I can actually spend some time at my desk.

That article said that I am consolidating my blogs, and that takes place from now. This blog,, has been running since 2007. We have recently given it a facelift, with a new and cleaner theme and a better way of displaying photographs and videos.

I have long had a second blog which has been through three different iterations, most recently at (one of them was on Google+ which shows that we can all make mistakes in social media). That blog, in its various homes, has been the repository of industry updates which do not require the weigh-every-word thoughtfulness of the commentary so that adding posts should be quick and easy to do.

I have become increasingly conscious of the possibility that readers of one blog do not necessarily know about the other. During one of my panels in Hong Kong, my co-presenter was kind enough to commend my blogs to the audience but added that he was not sure what the difference was between them. That has been one spur to the reorganisation which is about to take place

Another reason for the change is that the host site (on Adobe Business Catalyst) is tiresome to update, seemingly requiring me to fiddle around with the HTML to remedy random formatting oddities. Since the whole point of that blog was to be able to do quick and dirty updates, the aim is rather lost if I have to spend as much time on formatting as I do on dictation and editing. It is also good to be let off keeping two parallel pick-lists of categories and tags.

The final reason for the change is that I do not trust Adobe Business Catalyst to give me accurate statistics, whereas I know that WordPress does. Adobe wants to you think you are doing well, and gives very fanciful stats for page views (the only indicator which interests me).

We are about to merge the two blogs into this one. The only thing which has stopped us going live with this was the fear that adding more than 600 archived blog posts into it does not trigger an email per post to the blog’s followers. WordPress assures me that this will not happen.

Once we have sorted that out, this blog will be the sole repository of all my blog posts – the longer thoughtful pieces which I do periodically, industry news, the videos, and odds and ends which I think may be of interest. There are days when I clatter through several short posts. If that brings too many email notifications for your liking, there is a Manage Subscriptions link at the foot of every notification which allows you to get the messages weekly rather than post by post.

The website at will continue to keep information which doesn’t change much, such as my biography and contact details. It will in due course also contain what we hope will be a growing range of educational resources. That too is about to be tidied up a bit.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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