Welcome to NightOwl Discovery as a sponsor of the eDisclosure Information Project

NightOwlDiscovery_160The more observant among you will have noticed a new logo on the list of those who sponsor the eDisclosure Information Project. It is a very real pleasure to me to add NightOwl Discovery to a list which includes most of the best in worldwide eDiscovery / eDisclosure. I put up the logo between trips, and I now take the opportunity to welcome NightOwl properly.

NightOwl is an eDiscovery consulting and managed services company which covers a very wide range of functions, as you can see from the list on its website – discovery consulting, analytics, collection and forensics, processing, hosting and managed review. I haven’t asked where the name came from, but it implies for me that NightOwl will be working away on your behalf whilst you are asleep – not a bad image for a market in which deadlines are always tighter than you would like.

NightOwl partners with the best software providers out there, including existing sponsors of the eDisclosure Information Project such as kCura, Equivio and Clearwell. You need allies like that to succeed in this growing but competitive business. NightOwl’s expanding European presence makes it an attractive sponsor with recent attendance at EU data privacy conferences and hosting and other services with delivery based in the EU. I will come back to that in a later post.

Above all, perhaps, I am pleased that my long-standing connection with NightOwl’s Director of Consulting, Albert Barsocchini, has brought us to work together in this way. I first met Albert when he was at Guidance Software, and I come across him at many conferences which I attend across the globe. Albert’s quest for knowledge and process and application improvement has led him to become one of the industry’s leading evangelists and spokesperson.  One of life’s little mysteries is the number of eDiscovery providers who attend conferences as sponsors but don’t bother to attend the sessions at which they would learn a great deal about the market in which they are trying to serve. Albert Barsocchini and the other NightOwl attendees are always found in the session rooms, and it shows in their ever expanding knowledge of the industry.

Albert recently introduced me to NightOwl’s CEO, Andrea Wallack, at one such conference, and I saw them again at the Sedona Cross-Border Programme in Zurich – further evidence, if such be needed, of NightOwl’s serious intent with regard to its European plans being expertly deployed. US-led eDiscovery demands are increasing at a time when European restraints on data movement are being re-examined, and not in way which is helpful to the US. We need knowledgeable companies able to guide clients through the reconciliation between broad US eDiscovery requirements and narrow EU restrictions.

These “Welcome” posts are the one opportunity which my sponsors have to speak in their own words – I otherwise rarely seek contributions to articles which appear here, preferring to use my own words. I invited Albert Barsocchini to give me a few words of his own for this article as an introduction to NightOwl’s business and aspirations. Albert said:

NightOwl Discovery offers a comprehensive and seamless group of discovery services with best-in-class technology that spans the entire EDRM and is pleased to join the sponsors of the eDisclosure Information project.

NightOwl has worked on some of the largest US litigation matters in history.  It is from this foundation that they have built their Discovery Management practice and forged a commitment to white-glove customer service, exacting quality control and on-going commitment to workflow analysis, technology evaluation and process improvement.

Globalization coupled with emerging international data protection and privacy law has transformed e-discovery from a national challenge to a global one.  NightOwl Discovery has addressed this challenge by expanding its reach and building its business model on an “Elite Forces” concept.

Andrea Wallack, CEO, commented that “Because discovery services and technology are rapidly evolving, it is the quality of the team and it’s ability to replicate itself that matters in successful deployments;  NightOwl’s growth is due to its rapid adaptability, expert teams and strong cultural value of excellence.”

She went on to say that they use the concept of force multiplication, which refers to an attribute or a combination of attributes which make a given team exponentially more effective than that same team would be without it. To that end, NightOwl’s discovery experts carry a combination of legal, technical and scientific backgrounds that when jointly deployed, offer powerful solutions to complex issues.

NightOwl’s business model allows it to cost-effectively deploy discovery services and exceptional technology on a global scale. Their presence in the EU continues to grow with new offices and review facilities scheduled to open fall 2013. Its success lies in their laser focus on building elite teams with discovery experts whose dedication to precision and customer service are unsurpassed.

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is execution and result. That’s what NightOwl Discovery is all about.

There will, I know, be more to say about NightOwl Discovery, both in its US homeland and in its new EU venture, and I look forward to being involved in that.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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