Blog posts on eDiscovery | eDisclosure in January 2013

Here is a list of the 58 blog posts published in January 2013 on my Commentary Blog and Updates Blog. They got 9,464 page views between them.

As mentioned in a recent post, the web site has been smartened up a little as part of a general review. Some old material has gone and there will be new sections, not least about the Jackson Reforms, shortly (seeing the final form of the rules would be a a good start).

A spate of post-LegalTech posts is on its way, spread across the next few days.

Date Post
30 Jan 2013 First Advantage Litigation Consulting to Co-Host eDiscovery Institute Dinner
28 Jan 2013 LTN Innovation Award goes to Squire Sanders for the use of Equivio Predictive Coding
28 Jan 2013 451 Research Report on AccessData’s AD eDiscovery and Summation
25 Jan 2013 Nuix appoints Deborah Baron as Chief Marketing Officer
24 Jan 2013 The Jackson reforms encourage proportionate eDisclosure / eDiscovery in any jurisdiction
24 Jan 2013 Global Aerospace predictive coding results approved by judge
24 Jan 2013 Recommind announces “EasyUpload”
24 Jan 2013 How do judges decide whom to believe
24 Jan 2013 Nuix information governance video is full of beans
23 Jan 2013 Xerox Litigation Services ends a good year with two eDiscovery sales appointments
23 Jan 2013 Epiq Systems to take part in William Blair & Company’s Electronic Discovery Summit on 29 January
23 Jan 2013 First Advantage blogs and tweets on eDiscovery
23 Jan 2013 Mr Justice Ramsey: Costs budgets will induce “sweaty palms” but lawyers will adapt
23 Jan 2013 Reed Smith: 6 reasons to insource litigation support
22 Jan 2013 Inside Counsel article – Like the Great Wall: eDiscovery between the US and China
22 Jan 2013 Nuix to help the TSA to join up the dots
22 Jan 2013 Symantec eDiscovery Cab to raise money for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund
22 Jan 2013 Information Governance and eDiscovery Strategy Exchange in San Diego in May 2013
22 Jan 2013 Recommind webinar on 27 February: When is Predictive Coding right for your case?
22 Jan 2013 Uncertainty means expense as we wait for the Jackson rules
21 Jan 2013 Guidance Software webinar on 29 January: Top 10 Tips and Tricks for internal investigations
21 Jan 2013 Apersee and AccessData webinar on 20 February: What Every Legal Department Needs to Know About Litigation Hold
21 Jan 2013 kCura videos show how to do it differently
21 Jan 2013 iCONECT White Paper: XERA Advanced Analytics with Xmplar Custom Find Similar
21 Jan 2013 Dean Gonsowski joins Recommind
21 Jan 2013 IBM acquires StoredIQ
21 Jan 2013 Equivio Zoom now available in a Relativity Tab
17 Jan 2013 ILTA and ALM join forces for a Hong Kong legal technology conference
17 Jan 2013 Some predictive coding resources useful for UK lawyers
16 Jan 2013 Podcast with Nigel Murray of Huron Legal on UK eDisclosure developments
16 Jan 2013 More eDiscovery procedural disputes but fewer sanctions in 2012
16 Jan 2013 Millnet on the crossover between UK eDisclosure and US eDiscovery
15 Jan 2013 Cost Management Pilot Interim Report
15 Jan 2013 Reminder New Zealand eDiscovery conference on 13 February
15 Jan 2013 b-Discovery 6th Annual Party at Legaltech
15 Jan 2013 Senior appointments at Guidance Software iConect and Huron Consulting
15 Jan 2013 CBS broadcast highlights winners and losers from technological advances
11 Jan 2013 Tweeting Legals Tweetup in London on 11 February
11 Jan 2013 Commonwealth Brunch at LegalTech with Nigel Murray and Huron Legal
11 Jan 2013 First Advantage webinar: Managing Internal Investigations
11 Jan 2013 Symantec data retention survey highlights gap between retention beliefs and practices
9 Jan 2013 Where are we now on legal hold and self collection?
9 Jan 2013 eDJ Group report: 2013 eDiscovery Trends – the human element
8 Jan 2013 Blog posts on eDiscovery | eDisclosure in December 2012
7 Jan 2013 Americans abroad: US begins to understand foreign attitudes to eDiscovery
7 Jan 2013 Singapore considers creating an International Commercial Court
7 Jan 2013 ZyLAB webinar on 9 January: The Dark Side of Big Data
4 Jan 2013 Early identification of confidential information as Big Data collides with privacy
4 Jan 2013 eDiscovery Journal brings us a Predictive Coding Case Study
4 Jan 2013 Millnet podcast: Cost Management and Budgets
4 Jan 2013 First Advantage Webinar on 10 January – Managing Internal Investigations
4 Jan 2013 Huron Legal podcast: Dispelling Myths of Offshore Document Review
4 Jan 2013 Mr Justice Akenhead – Judges and Technology, Friends and Foes – 16 January in London
3 Jan 2013 A new definition of relevance in US eDiscovery?
3 Jan 2013 Guidance Software EnCase Portable Version 4, the latest in a range of portable forensic triage solutions
3 Jan 2013 Where does archiving stand on your IT priority list? asks EMC
2 Jan 2013 Why don’t we just use Google for eDiscovery?
2 Jan 2013 EDRM publishes Computer Assisted Review Reference (CARRM)

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I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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