Blog posts on eDiscovery | eDisclosure in December 2012

Here is a list of my blog posts of December 2012 on eDiscovery / eDisclosure and related matters. After several months of experiments, I have abandoned my Google Plus page for my short eDiscovery posts in favour of a second WordPress blog, called eDisclosure Information Project Updates. This blog has its own email sign-up for those who want to be tipped off about new posts.

Google Plus has really good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and the existing posts will remain there. Google’s clunky interface was one push factor; another was the feeling of being at a party which everyone else had skipped, despite the tiresome G+ focus on “community” and other things which Facebook does much better if you like that sort of thing – great for florists, car mechanics and High Street solicitors, but of no interest to me.

The new WordPress blog started delivering good SEO almost at once. I can extend its features, adjust its appearance and be sure that it will not acquire some tedious new “feature” next week because a hyperactive geek at Google has some syndrome which requires constant change for its own sake.

I have also abandoned the practice of summarising the short posts, giving a list like the one below instead. The SEO value of the summaries and the links from them was not commensurate with the very significant input which they required. I am not remotely interested in all the detailed “campaign” stats which marketing people get so hung up on. One thing matters to me – how many people go to my articles and thus past my sponsors’ logos? The average number of page views last year, weekends and holidays included, was 224 per day.

The list below, and the parallel one on my web site, are part of the web of cross-links (Twitter and LinkedIn provide the rest) which ensure that no-one can do much research on eDisclosure / eDiscovery without finding something by me.

December was a short month – I was away on holiday for a week quite apart from the long Christmas and New Year break. The volume of interesting material now being published by others is such that there is always a queue – that is, a stockpile of subjects, some already written about, which I hold back to avoid swamping the readers. Apart from time-critical things like webinar dates, I don’t think promptness matters too much – if it is important, it will still be important next week.

Date Post
20 Dec 2012 Taking Predictive Discovery out of the Black Box
20 Dec 2012 Xerox Litigation Services and Lateral Data bring ViewPoint to the Cloud
18 Dec 2012 Milberg sets out comprehensive arguments in favour of technology assisted review
18 Dec 2012 The overlooked importance of audio records in eDiscovery
17 Dec 2012 Applying science to the validation of technology-assisted review
17 Dec 2012 iCONECT XERA Demonstration Webinars on Wednesdays
14 Dec 2012 Symantec Twitter Chat on SharePoint Governance on 18 December
14 Dec 2012 Get Nigel Murray to £3,500 for Help for Heroes by Christmas
13 Dec 2012 Computers and Law publishes my eDiscovery predictions for 2013
13 Dec 2012 Nuix Parallel Processing Unstructured Data Indexing Engine recognised by US Patent Office
11 Dec 2012 Ralph Losey on the Georgetown TAR / CAR / Predictive Coding panels
10 Dec 2012 Impatient US judges push lawyers to be more proactive in early stages of litigation – what about the UK?
10 Dec 2012 AccessData Summation Roadshow ends with a live webinar on 11 December
10 Dec 2012 The eDiscovery implications of the Cloud – a paper from me and Guidance Software
10 Dec 2012 Guidance Software brings out its fastest forensic bridge
10 Dec 2012 Robert Childress takes control at the Masters Conference
10 Dec 2012 LawTech Europe Congress in Prague draws unprecedented numbers
10 Dec 2012 Guidance Software webinar on 11 December: Significantly Reduce Enterprise Investigative Costs with Remote Forensics
10 Dec 2012 Legal Week: fixed-fee billing favoured by 50% of corporates
10 Dec 2012 Have Data, Will Travel. Not from THIS Country – First Advantage webinar on 11 December
7 Dec 2012 Integrating Managed Review with eDiscovery capabilities
7 Dec 2012 Equivio Zoom partner announcements dominate Equivio Update
7 Dec 2012 Making eDiscovery Compliance Part of your Business as Usual – Sheila Mackay of Xerox Litigation Services
7 Dec 2012 Finding intelligence items – interview with Eddie Sheehy of Nuix
7 Dec 2012 Podcast with Millnet on the new Disclosure rules of April 2013
7 Dec 2012 E-Discovery for the Corporate Market Conference in London 17 to 18 April 2013
7 Dec 2012 Promoting Relativity 7.5 with enthusiasm
7 Dec 2012 First Advantage expands in Washington D.C. and in Hong Kong
6 Dec 2012 Short eDiscovery Updates to end November 2012
6 Dec 2012 Catching up, looking back and moving on
6 Dec 2012 Symantec webinar: Ignorance is Not Bliss – Why SMBs Need to Defend Against Cyber Attacks
5 Dec 2012 Standing back from the Delaware predictive coding case
5 Dec 2012 A Hong Kong eDiscovery snapshot in the company of Epiq Systems
5 Dec 2012 Vivian Reding: The overhaul of EU rules on Data Protection: making the single market work for business
5 Dec 2012 The illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation
5 Dec 2012 Nigel Murray jumps for Help for Heroes
5 Dec 2012 Christmas Tweeting Legals evening drinks on 12 December at the Knights Templar on Chancery Lane
5 Dec 2012 Guidance Software webinar: Top Five eDiscovery Recommendations for 2013
5 Dec 2012 Adobe GC: Things I Wish I Learnt in Law School
5 Dec 2012 Barry Murphy of eDJ Group – Defensible Deletion Gaining Steam
5 Dec 2012 AccessData Summation Roadshow reaches Charlotte on 6 December
5 Dec 2012 Chief US Magistrate Judge Paul Grimm becomes US District Judge Grimm
5 Dec 2012 Standing back from the Delaware predictive coding case
5 Dec 2012 A Hong Kong eDiscovery snapshot in the company of Epiq Systems
4 Dec 2012 New Blog for eDiscovery Updates


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I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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