Recent posts on Google+ on eDiscovery and other legal subjects

Being away, and with only random access to the Internet, focuses one’s mind on the most efficient way of capturing interesting articles as Twitter (my main source) dishes them up. Whatever its other virtues, Twitter is no good as an archive, since tweets disappear from sight very quickly. I usually bung them into Evernote (an easy, two-click process) but have recently started putting more of them into Google Plus (which I am finding increasingly useful), with or without much in the way of commentary, and so sharing them instead of merely adding to my own information stock.

There were many articles of interest whilst I was away. Many had nothing to do with eDiscovery but relate either to the US coverage of the Olympics or to the peculiar range of English legal curiosities which came up whilst I was away – I have written about these in my article Manslaughter (not), brand protection, Twitter censorship and crass Olympic coverage.

The Google Plus links work best, in indexing terms, if I cross-link to them from elsewhere. I do this in batches from Twitter with every few Google Plus posts and, as regular readers know, also list them here and on my website to make a running archive of them for future searchers to find. Although this involves a two-hop process for users (to my post and thence to its subject) the alternative, in many cases, is that the source article will simply disappear from view.

I have started trying to capture the dates of webinars and other events organised by those who sponsor the eDisclosure Information Project as well as articles. If I miss an event, it is either because I did not find out about it until too late or because I was away.

Recent posts include those listed below. There are others in the pile, but it is not necessarily helpful to list too many at once, so I will stop here for now.


Symantec Twitter Chat: How to Speak Legalese | 2 August at 10.00am PT

FTI and eDiscovery Journal – The Last Mile: Using Analytics for Trial and Depositions – Webinar on 7 August

Symantec Webinar: The Nexus Between Proactive Information Governance and Reactive eDiscovery | 7 August at 10.00am PDT

Recommind webinar – Cost Reduction Strategies Legal Departments Consider: Addressing the Real Problem | 12 September at 2pm ET

CY4OR Presentation – The Importance of Electronic Evidence – Manchester – 29 September

eDiscovery / eDisclosure

Devin Krugly of AccessData – some Olympic Twitter risks and some ideas for minimising them

Singapore International Conference on Electronic Litigation

Take it e-sy: e-Disclosure interviews in the UK Lawyer Magazine

Charles Skamser’s account of the 2012 Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat

Can the SFO survive the Tchenguiz warrant humiliation?

Are Seed Sets the New Keyword Part II You Can Have My Seed Set by Howard Sklar of Recommind

Company Results

Epiq Systems Q2 2012 Results with Record Operating Revenue of $89.8M

Guidance Software Q2 2012 – Record Non-GAAP Revenue $31.5 million, up $7.6 million, or 32 percent year-over-year


Harwood Acquittal

David Allen Green in the New Statesman on the acquittal of PC Harwood

Crimsolicitor brings a different view to the PC Harwood acquittal

Metropolitan Police tried to hide Harwood’s disciplinary record

LOCOG Olympic Brand Enforcement

Take THAT, LOCOG – Anya Palmer has collected together some of the madder LOCOG stories

Unauthorised bunting in the corporate area

Lodnon 2102 Olmplycs

Twitter joke Trial

Carl Gardner: Why did the CPS and the DPP begin and pursue the Twitter Joke Trial?

Louise Mensch MP in the Guardian: The Twitter joke trial and the twits who pursued Paul Chambers

CharonQC Podcast with John Cooper QC on the acquittal of Paul Chambers

What? The CPS were willing to call it a day on Twitter Joke Trial but the DPP insisted on going ahead

Olympic Opening Ceremony

Forbes critique of NBC coverage of the Olympics Opening Ceremony

The New Yorker – Danny Boyle Wins the Gold

Our Island Story – perhaps the best account of the Olympic Opening Ceremony

LA Times article on Olympics opening ceremony – London puts on a smashing show

Twitter suspension of journalist’s account

Twitter suspends the account of Guy Adams, a journalist critical of NBC’s Olympic coverage

Twitter explains its approach to private information following reinstatement of journalist’s account

A motive for Twitter’s non-apology for suspending Independent journalist’s account


More plausible than you might think – The Telegraph on Boris’s threat to Cameron


Random photographs from a drive from Las Vegas to Carmel


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I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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