Notes from Hong Kong: Dinner with Richard Kershaw of FTI Technology

This is a continuation of a series of roughly chronological mini-posts following my recent visit to Hong Kong.

I have reported elsewhere that I heard a rumour of a senior appointment at FTI’s Hong Kong office, and deduced that they must have recruited Richard Kershaw.  My assumption proved correct. Richard kindly invited Browning Marean and me out to dinner, giving us en route the opportunity to see FTI’s rather fine offices in The Center.

The Center Hong Kong

The Center, Hong Kong, where FTI Asia-Pacific has its offices. Yes, I know the photograph is sideways, but the resemblance to a rocket seems apt given FTI’s growth in the region.

There was a gleaming Pashley bicycle in reception which could have belonged to a staff member or could have been symbolic – Pashley has successfully married modern technology and old-fashioned values and style, and might well have been chosen deliberately to reflect those qualities in what FTI says on its website is “the largest specialist advisory firm in Asia-Pacific”.

Richard Kershaw has been out here for a long time, and dinner with him gives one an excellent virtual tour of the region.  The Pashley theme of technology excellence and classic yet modern appearance was continued the next day when he showed me the latest version of Ringtail 8, which integrates the long-established power of Attenex into a modern interface which seems actually to have been designed for the user.

I have since been given a proper demo of Ringtail 8.2 and will write more about that in due course. By chance, I see that there is a an FTI Ringtail webinar tomorrow, 26 June, called Strategies for Cost-Effective Review That Don’t Sacrifice Quality. The speaker is JR Jenkins, who gave me my demo last week and who is eloquent on this subject.


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