Welcome to iCONECT as a sponsor of the eDisclosure Information Project

I am very pleased to welcome iCONECT as a new sponsor of the eDisclosure Information Project – I cannot say “the latest” sponsor, since kCura has come in since the iCONECT logo went up. iCONECT joined just before I left for Hong Kong and I wanted to see a demo before writing about them.

The connection goes back to LegalTech in New York in February when, unusually for me, I sought out iCONECT’s booth – “unusually” because I generally spend that week fending people off not seeking them out. I was curious, because iCONECT is a big name in electronic discovery and our paths had never crossed. Now that I have seen their nXT product, it is yet more curious that I had not seen it before.

nXT is iCONECT’s document review tool, with a strong emphasis on workflow management and lawyer usability. They also have the INCEPT early case assessment software whose emphasis is on estimating the time and cost of review, as well as specialist tools for legal service providers. My primary interest, as always, is in anything which makes it easy for the legal teams to reduce the time and cost of review.

The review application reminded me a little of one of those well-made storage units with a big central space and many easily accessible cupboards and drawers close at hand, each containing some discrete function which users can bring forward or conceal as they wish – or as the administrator wishes, since there is granular user-by-user control over what is seen by whom. I do not do software reviews, as you know, still less try and describe every function, and it is enough to say that most users will find everything they need here.

It has good workflow functions – the bits which allow appropriate volumes of the right documents to be handed out to the most suitable people and then monitored and tracked. The search tools, production, audit, reporting and highlighting could be grasped by anyone, and new visualisation tools – of, for example, relationships between people – are a pointer to ongoing development plans. It also has Equivio’s near-duplicates and e-mail threading tools – but then, who does not these days?

I also appreciated the demo style – Mike Fedorowski managed the rare double of speaking quickly and moving speedily from function to function without losing clarity, bringing us to an end in exactly one hour, despite my many interruptions. Most of the latter generally begin with something like “I assume that…” – not trick questions, exactly, but designed to distinguish between things omitted for lack of time and things unmentioned because they don’t exist. I got the right answers every time.

There are a couple of iCONECT webinars coming up which will be worth looking at. There is an opportunity to hear Mike Fedorowski in a 12 July webinar on Reducing and Reviewing Data fort eDiscovery. The other, on 20 July, is part of an ALSP (Association of Litigation Support Professionals) educational webinar series and is called  ALSP Product Demonstration: iCONECT INCEPT Early Data Assessment and nXT Review Platform.  It is led by Ian Campbell, chief operating officer for iCONECT Development.

I am very pleased to have been invited to speak at iCONECT’s 2012 Partners’ Conference on 4-6 March in Fort Lauderdale. Anything I don’t know about the company and its products by then I will surely find out there.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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