Welcome to LDM Global as a sponsor of the e-Disclosure Information Project

I am really pleased to welcome LDM Global, a company which I have known almost since its foundation 15 years ago, as the latest sponsor of the e-Disclosure Information Project. In the days when my work involved handling rows and columns of data, some of the long days and nights involved exchanging data files with ever-helpful LDM people when we were working on the same projects.

I then thought of LDM as a London company, because that is where I worked with them. When I started travelling to the US, I kept bumping into Chris O’Reilly by elevator doorways (for some reason) in hotels and at conferences; when I was last in Sydney, I come across Greg O’Reilly in a coffee bar. None of this is really surprising of a company with the word “Global” in its name – Chris O’Reilly has always run the US operations, and Greg O’Reilly has returned to his native city to establish the Australian end to the business there. That followed a period of high-level recruitment, including the appointment of Scott Merrick as International Marketing Director and Steve Couling as Head of Global Sales.

That, it now appears, was merely consolidation for further expansion. It was interesting enough to see any company in this industry making big global appointments during a recession in which others retrenched or fell away, but the company also expanded in the US, with new offices in Washington DC and a production facility in Virginia. That much was, as it were, public, with announcements and press releases and all the usual fanfare which accompanies overt physical expansion. What really matters, of course, is what goes on behind the scenes, and LDM Global has recently hired new technology and professional staff to support increased business from the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific operations.

In the e-Discovery / e-Disclosure world, the ability to undertake work in different regions is more than mere efficiency – the nature of international discovery work, and in particular that which involves data covered by EU privacy and data protection laws, means that the ability to handle production on both sides of the Atlantic opens the door to work which one could not otherwise do. LDM’s work includes data recovery, computer forensics, large-scale electronic and paper-based discovery services and international projects for law firms, corporations and government institutions. The company operates from seven major locations – London, Brussels, Paris, Manchester, Sydney, Virginia and Washington DC, partnering with the world’s leading electronic discovery software vendors.

LDM Global executives from all the company locations will be at LegalTech in New York at the end of January, with a wine tasting event for clients on Tuesday evening as well as meetings with clients and prospects. Those from London who are unable to be at LegalTech may be interested in LDM’s post-show event in London which will report on the main points arising from the show.

A press announcement was made when I first set up business entirely on my own in October 2006. Early in the morning of the following day, the first message which came in was from Greg O’Reilly and read “Well done on venturing out on your own. If there is anything I can do to help just give me a call”. I was extremely touched by that, and by the occasional message which followed, apparently at random, to similar effect. Both our respective businesses have come a long way since then, and it is a particular pleasure to be working now with LDM Global.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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