Substantial e-Disclosure figures exercise for charity

Andrew Haslam of Allvision and Nigel Murray of Trilantic have one or two things in common: they are both long-time and well-known figures in the UK e-Disclosure scene, and are both figures of substance in more ways than one, usually to be found in some hostelry with evidence of their taste for good food and drink both in their hands and about their persons. In case New Labour has passed some law prohibiting such comments (it is hard to keep up), I should say at once that both of them are on record as saying the same about themselves. Both are in training for charitable causes involving uncharacteristic exercise.

On 15th May, Andrew and his wife Ann (Ann Hemming for those who know her only in her professional capacity) will be walking 40 kilometres (that is 25 miles) in memory of Jackie, partner of Kelvin McGregor-Alcorn, who died in January from a very painful spinal cancer.  In her final days Jackie was cared for by the Heart of Kent Hospice in Kent – run by MacMillan nurses – and Andrew and Ann are hoping to raise money for them.

The web site that tells you all about this is at: and you can donate on-line at

It is a little unfair to say of Nigel Murray that his exercise is uncharacteristic since this is the second year in which he has cycled hundreds of miles across France in a good cause. That cause is again Help for Heroes and the distance this year is 375 miles over six days, from Le Havre to the Second World War port of Dieppe then inland through the First World War battlefield regions of Amiens, Arras and Ypres before finishing at Dunkirk to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the evacuation of our troops in 1940. Details of the route can be found at You can sponsor him at at

Nigel’s training regime will presumably be as tough as last year when, to everyone’s surprise (including, I half suspect, his own) he stuck to it. I recorded that I had only ever once seen him break into a trot, and that was across a pavement and into a taxi in the rain. I heard it suggested last year, rather unfairly I thought, that more money might be raised by betting against him succeeding, but the bookies would have been the winners since Nigel did indeed finish the course.

Andrew Haslam reports that his and Ann’s training began with a gentle six mile walk into Cardiff down a “nice solid path, slightly downhill all the way” followed by rugby, alcohol, meat pies and burgers. I was suitably impressed until I realised that they had merely watched the rugby and not actually taken to the field themselves. The rest, meat pies and all, was billed as part of the training.

It is what happens on the day which counts, not the training. These are both good causes and I commend them to you.


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I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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