Welcome to Recommind as a sponsor of the e-Disclosure Information Project

It is very good to be able to extend a warm welcome to Recommind as a new sponsor of the e-Disclosure Information Project. As the focus for e-Discovery / e-Disclosure turns increasingly on to the way companies collect and manage data on their own systems, the addition of a provider who embraces enterprise search, e-mail management, records management e-Discovery and compliance is both appropriate and timely.

Recommind’s roots are in enterprise search. MindServer Search brings user-based relevancy tuning, that is, result sets which are boosted by input from the individual profile of the user. It also allows federated search, the ability to search across internal and external data sources with a single query. The result of indexing information from document management systems, intranets, contact management databases and websites are “concept models” which rank search results by relevance.

Recommind lays stress on two aspects of user relations – the personalisation of the user experience, and the working relationship which Recommend aims for with its users and prospective users. In addition to several well-known US firms, the list of success stories includes UK firms like Davies Arnold Cooper, Simmons & Simmons, Mills & Reeve, Addleshaw Goddard and Field Fisher Waterhouse, as well as several of the best-known US firms like DLA Piper US LLP.

In some ways, Recommind has been fairly low-key about it – I recall an observation made by the UK commentator Charles Christian some time ago to the effect that whilst all the other software suppliers were shouting about what they intended to do, Recommind was quietly getting on and making sales. On the other hand, there is nothing subdued about VP of Marketing and General Counsel Craig Carpenter who seems to turn up all over the place – if I go to a conference pretty well anywhere in the US or Europe, there is Craig (although not for long because he is always rushing to the next one). Thoughtful articles by him turn up everywhere, not least on Recommind’s own IFOcus blog, such as his recent article Predictive Coding Explained. It is a non-trivial task to do this sort of thing if you are always on the run. Craig was also one of the first to appreciate the value of Twitter as a means of keeping his company’s name out there, with comments on and pointers to a wide range of subjects (he sometimes tweets session-by-session summaries of conferences, which saves the rest of us from having to attend).

Recommind subscribes, in other words, to the same premise as I do, which is that prospective users need above all a wide range of objective information. Your products can be left to speak for themselves if the material which the company provides is both useful and interesting.

Recommind’s e-Discovery product is called Axcelerate e-Discovery, in use by firms such as Morgan Lewis, which describes itself as having been “doing e-Discovery before it had a name”. Craig Carpenter is taking part in a live seminar on using technology to improve early case assessment (ECA), preservation, collection, and document review, at the New York offices of Morgan Lewis on Thursday 18th of March at 4:00 pm (see the Posse List post about it  and the registration form. The speakers from Morgan Lewis include Denise Backhouse, known to me because of her extensive knowledge of trans-jurisdictional discovery – she and I shared a platform at the IQPC International e-Discovery conference in Brussels last year and she is coming to speak at IQPC’s London E-Disclosure Management conference in May, whose sponsors include Recommind.

The picture, then, is of a company with first-rate information management and discovery applications, a commitment to client relationships, and an interest in market education on a basis which goes wider than merely selling their own products. All that makes Recommind a perfect fit for the e-Disclosure Information Project, and I am excited to have the opportunity of working with them.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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