A proper welcome to Applied Discovery as a new sponsor

I promised a proper welcome to Applied Discovery when I put up a short post on 16 February to draw attention to the arrival of their logo. These Welcome posts are generally the only occasion when I invite collaboration on what goes into a post – generally, except where I am unsure of my facts or my authority to mention something, I write what I like. A first post to describe what a company does warrants co-authorship and, with Rob Robinson as their Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing, it seems daft for me to invent my own description. What follows is his:

Founded in 1998, Applied Discovery is a global leader in the delivery and management of electronic discovery services and support.   Part of LexisNexis since 2003 (a member of the Reed Elsevier Group), Applied Discovery leverages an extensive portfolio of resources, relationships, and research to help clients solve today’s and tomorrow’s discovery challenges.  Simply stated, Applied Discovery delivers multinational collection, analytics, processing, review and production services for law firms, corporations, and governmental entities engaged in audits, investigations, and litigation.

Last month Applied Discovery joined the E-Disclosure Information Project – adding to its current participation in key industry thought leadership groups to include the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (Standards), the Sedona Conference (Best Practices), and the Text Retrieval Conference (Technology).  Additionally, Applied Discovery is both US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Certified (U.S. Department of Commerce).

For the benefit of E-Disclosure Information Project members and followers, provided below are key considerations as to Applied Discovery capability and differentiation in support of e-discovery/e-disclosure.

Capability:  Five Core Electronic Discovery Services

Applied Discovery Collection Services Include:

  • Network Discovery of Devices/Repositories and Data (Automated/Non-Automated)
  • Fixed Storage Collection (Manual/Active Data Copy and Forensic Imaging)
  • Portable Storage Collection (Manual Copy/Forensic Imaging)

Applied Discovery Analytics Services Include:

  • Data Preparation and Indexing (Upload/DeNIST/DeDuplication/Indexing)
  • Data Organization and Understanding (Culling/Filtering of Indexed Data)
  • Expert Assisted Early Case Assessment (Cost Estimation/Pre-Trial Planning)

Applied Discovery Processing Services Include:

  • Full Text and Metadata Extraction
  • Data Conversion (PDF)
  • Load File Preparation

Applied Discovery Review Services Include:

  • International (Foreign) Language Support (Unicode Enabled)
  • “More Like This™” Searching (Conceptual and Textual Search Technology)
  • Secure Web-Based Architecture (Software-as-a-Service Delivery)

Applied Discovery Production Services Include:

  • Client Capability to Batch Print or Download to PDF from Review Tool
  • Production Sets in PDF, TIFF, and/or Native Formats.

In addition to these five core electronic discovery services, Applied Discovery expertise in security and project management also serve to position it as a primary player in the arena of multinational complex electronic disclosure.

Security Infrastructure

Applied Discovery provides a security infrastructure that both leverages the latest in security technology and that is managed and monitored by security experts in a manner to increase client productivity while minimizing client risk.   This highly secure environment is centered on Applied Discovery equipment residing in both a Tier 4 rated co-location facility and at a corporate headquarters and consists of physical, network, and data security elements. This security infrastructure includes:

  • Physical Security (Backup Power, Custom Design, Environmental Controls)
  • Network Security (Access Controls, Encryption, ID/Vulnerability Management)
  • Data Security (Data Security, Database/Storage Security, Disaster Recovery)

Dedicated Project Management

Provided at no additional cost for all Applied Discovery services, the dedicated project managers from the Client Solutions Group have the ability to support project needs throughout the full life of electronic discovery projects.   Applied Discovery Project Management Support includes:

  • Dedicated Project Management and Immediate Client Support (24×7)
  • Experienced Attorneys, Paralegals, and Technology Specialists
  • Geographically Dispersed Capability (Bellevue, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York)
  • Unlimited Training and Ongoing Assistance

To sum up Applied Discovery differentiation – in their own words – there are three key points worthy of consideration.

Differentiators:  One Platform. One Manager. One Provider.

  • One Platform:  Decreases the number of times data is transferred between organizations and systems thus decreasing the problematic risks associated with data transfer.
  • One Manager:  Simplifies Project Management (provided at no additional cost) throughout the lifecycle of a project ensuring project support responsiveness with continuity.
  • One Provider:  Decreases the total time and cost of conducting electronic discovery.

Additionally – beyond capability and differentiation – recent initiatives by  Applied Discovery to increase their ability to support e-disclosure activities include:

  • RPM™ – Review Performance Service – Preview Announced January 26, 2010
  • International Expansion – Announced January 19, 2010
  • Global Alliance Partner Program – Announced January 12, 2010
  • Multi-language E-Discovery Unicode Enabled, January 2010

I very much look forward to working with Applied Discovery as Project sponsors.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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