Posse List interview with e.law Asia Pacific: the spike in e-discovery work in Asia

I was speaking in Singapore when news broke of e.law’s acquisition of CCH Workflow Solutions. It added to my general impression (which I was bold enough to turn into a prediction) that the Asia-Pacific region was the place to watch for 2010.

The months following the merger of two businesses are not the best time to keep in touch with people, and although I have exchanged a few messages with Allison Stanfield and Scott Gillard, both of whom I knew pre-acquisition, I have not really kept up with how things have worked out since the acquisition completed towards the end of November, beyond hearing that the multiple locations which the combined business now has, with offices and service centres throughout Australia and Asia, are very busy (I did pick up someone’s Google search for < Allison Stanfield Antarctica > but when I checked, that was about something which e.law had sponsored, not a new office).

The Posse List’s series of interviews with market leaders continues, and now includes one headed An interview with Scott Gillard and Michael So of e.law Asia Pacific: the spike in e-discovery work in Asia. Reading it will give you the flavour of the good progress which e.law – and, by extension, ediscovery work in Asia generally – has increased. They will be at LegalTech and I will see them there.

This all adds to a dilemma which I face in respect of the Ark Group E-Discovery Conference in Sydney on 9-10 March. The chairman is Eddie Sheehy of Nuix and speakers include HHJ Simon Brown from Birmingham UK and Australian Supreme Court Justice Ian V Gzell whom I heard speak at the conference which I co-chaired in Singapore.  I am not speaking at the Ark conference (I have done so for the last two years and it is Judge Brown’s turn to fly the UK flag); Simon Brown is based 90 minutes up the road from me, and I will see Eddie Sheehy (and almost everyone else I know in Australia) at LegalTech, so I need a more compelling business case than simply saying Hello.

I have Canada and Hong Kong (the two I missed last year) to fit in somewhere this year, so this may be my only window for Australia. BA have got a sale on and I have my air miles. I could drop into Singapore on the way back and find out how their new Practice Direction is going (see my account of the LexisNexis conference there last year). I will dither a bit more, but it is tempting to go.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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