Big reception for Marean-Dale video

Browning Marean and I made two short videos at ILTA09 with Kina Kim of PivotalDiscovery. The “big reception” in my title refers to the venue rather than the reaction, but this means of conveying information is well worth doing.

Years ago, back in the late 1980s, I attended a video presentation course with my then law firm partners. The idea was not to prepare us to appear in moving pictures but to improve our general presentation skills by showing us where we went wrong when speaking in public. My own weakness, I discovered, lay not in how I looked when being filmed, but in what I did when I was merely in the background. I realised that I fiddled constantly, scratching imaginary itches, rubbing the side of my nose and generally moving about all the time. When I first stood in front of audiences, I had to remember to remove everything from my pockets to make sure that I did not jangle keys and coins whilst speaking.

I have kicked that last one, I think, but my most recent video appearance shows up a new bad habit – continuous hand gestures like a demented weather girl signing for the deaf whilst warning of stormy weather ahead.

I am committed to video as a means of conveying messages widely and cheaply, something  I have written about (The untapped potential of YouTube as a promotional medium and Show me more like this) and which comes up as one of my themes in the second of two short videos made by Kina Kim of at ILTA09. PivotalDiscovery has a growing set of such videos as part of a range of links and materials aimed at spreading information about eDiscovery for those who want brief introductions to general or specific subjects without having to travel or add to their reading lists.

There is no great formality or messing about in the Kina Kim school of cinematography. She charms you into agreeing to talk, wanders round with you in tow until she finds a quiet spot, sets up her camera and tripod, and away you go. That is how Browning Marean of DLA Piper and I found ourselves talking extempore to camera in the reception lobby of the ILTA conference hotel, which I wrote about at the time (E-discovery double-act on video). The results are here and here. The subjects included quick comparisons between US and UK approaches to eDiscovery / e-Disclosure, the rules, costs and proportionality. We also make reference to other sources of information, and I took the opportunity to explain how I think suppliers and others in the industry could use short videos on YouTube to promote awareness of their particular products or expertise.

In retrospect, a hotel lobby scaled like an airport hangar, a few feet from the bar, and with what sounds like an orchestra tuning up in the background, was not the best place to choose, but, as I have noted elsewhere, the management of the Gaylord Resort seem to think that continuous and all-pervasive noise is a virtue, and nowhere is quiet there. At least we could sit down – I am not looking forward to seeing my next appearance in Kina’s video collection, when HHJ Simon Brown QC and I had to talk standing up at the Masters Conference because we could find nowhere to sit.

Such technicalities aside, this is an excellent way of delivering sound-bite commentary which is painless to take in. Have a look at the growing collection at which includes other resources and links as well as a career portal and jobs search facility.

A whole industry has built up around those extraneous incursions and events which appear in the background of films and which take the eye off the main subject-matter. One of the ubiquitous sights at all these conferences is Nigel Murray of Trilantic, always at the centre of things – as the second video shows.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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