Fifth Annual eDisclosure Forum in London for only £99

London’s Fifth Annual eDisclosure Forum takes place on 13 November. Run by Thomson Reuters with Sweet & Maxwell, it is generally agreed to be one of the best in the London calendar. The delegate fee is only £99 + VAT, and any firm or company which anticipates litigation involving electronic documents (and who will not?) in the coming year should be there.

It is not just the very low delegate fee which makes this conference attractive. It is the only one whose program is designed from the beginning by its co-chairs rather than by the conference organiser. I know that, because I am again one of them. An e-disclosure conference must be simultaneously sensitive to local needs and reflective of international developments and there is a relatively small pool of people able to speak with authority at both levels.

George Socha is internationally known as the deviser of the EDRM and for his work on standards and metrics for e-discovery – “metrics” sounds like one of those terms of art designed to exclude outsiders, but means no more in this context than working out what the time and cost implications are of any particular route and managing it efficiently and effectively. If you are not interested in estimating the time and cost of litigation, then your litigation practice will die soon anyway. Browning Marean of DLA Piper US LLP is widely known in the US and internationally for his ability to leaven hard practical knowledge with wit; he and I do a lot of things together in various corners of the world, and what results from that applies as much in the UK as elsewhere.

In addition to the co-chairs, we involve both judges and experienced litigation support managers. Senior Master Whitaker and HHJ Simon Brown QC are the two English judges best known for their understanding of the crossover between the requirements of the rules, the needs of lawyers and their clients, and the availability of technology. I am moderating a panel which includes them. Vince Neicho of Allen & Overy is the best-known of the London-based litigation support managers and is moderating a session called Maximising the value of litigation support.

The increasingly heard voice of the UK on the international stage is emphasised by the fact that these UK speakers have between them been invited this year to speak in America, Barcelona, Brussels, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore.The program recognises that international work and international influences are important, but that the majority of UK litigation lawyers work on UK litigation.

Most conferences last for two days. This conference has always crammed its content into a single day, helping to keep both the cost and the time implications down. The program is deliberately designed to pack in as much as possible which has the widest possible appeal, for corporates, for law firms large and small, and for people at all levels within them.

Full details can be found on Sweet and Maxwell’s website. The program is set out on the second tab and you can register from this site.

This conference always leaves a pleasant glow behind. Delegates, sponsors and speakers alike get good value from it whilst simultaneously enjoying themselves. Quite apart from the sessions themselves, there is an opportunity for players from different corners of the field to meet and exchange ideas. At the extremely low delegate price of £99, we can hope to attract a wider range of people in the audience, with law firm assistants and associates as well as partners and their equivalents from company legal departments. These are the people who actually do the work, and the opportunity to speak to them and, just as importantly, to hear what they are interested in and concerned about, is extremely valuable.

If you are interested in sponsoring this conference, with all the benefits which flow from that, please contact Arturo Hernandez at Thomson Reuters.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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