A round-up to catch up

There is a fair amount going on at the moment and a round-up note seems a good way of catching up. I will come back to some of these topics shortly with more detail than there is time for just now.

ILTA generated a fair number of words – these are interesting times and it seemed important to capture some of the points as they flew by. The certification debate matters, as does the market mood at this stage in the recession and the furthering of US-UK commonality in e-disclosure even as the political special relationship receives its coup de grace. Twitter has taken up time – not working out how to use it nor the 140 character posts themselves but the leads and links which it has pointed me to.

My conferences page is out of date, mainly because of the time taken up with pending conferences. I am involved as speaker, panellist or co-chair in IQ PC’s Brussels conference on 30 September and 1 October, in the Masters Conference in Washington on 13 and 14 October, at the LexisNexis conference in Singapore on 21 and 22 October and in the Thomson Reuters Fifth Annual e-Disclosure Forum in London on 13 November. I will say more about these and give links to them shortly. These are all opportunities to carry the e-disclosure /e-discovery message far and wide, as well as to find out what other people are doing and talking about. I must here, as elsewhere, acknowledge the support of the sponsors of the e-Disclosure Information Project whose logos appear here and without whom it would not be possible for me to go to these conferences.

I am getting some interest in the idea I floated recently about using YouTube as a medium for spreading information about e-disclosure / e-discovery. I have been pointed to one or two video examples which I will say more about in due course. I was unconscious until yesterday of the fact that one of the spokesman in YouTube’s Communications and Public Affairs Department is called Chris Dale – although I spend a lot of time searching for other people’s names, I rarely think to look for my own. Nigel Murray accused me of taking part in some cross country cycling marathon (copying his recent Tour de France) which prompted me to see who else passes under my name at the moment. That in turn reminds me why I loathe the unthinking bureaucracies which I pilloried in a recent post (my own regulating authority in this case), something else I will come back to in due course.

Privacy has been in the news and deserves some comment.  I came across a newspaper item in the US about schools passing information about new pupils to sellers of back-to-school equipment – even the US is rebelling against this sort of thing, whilst the British government seems happy to allow the vehicle licensing authority to flog car owner information to every wide-boy who owns a car park, and my local council is ringing  the city with number plate recognition cameras to track our every move. A new UK web site, Big Brother Watch, is due to open in October, with local authorities specifically in the frame – they are a particular problem because they combine immense power not so much with evil intent as with a kind of dumb stupidity which does not understand the risks they pose to liberty. The UK and the US seem to be passing each other in opposite directions on privacy.

Epiq Systems and PricewaterhouseCoopers have both appointed senior forensics people, something else which deserves noting at least. Stroz Friedberg has moved its London office and written an article worth pointing you to. Digicel and Cable & Wireless have made the law reports again, this time with a spat about waiver of privilege. We will shortly see the prospectus for the UK’s new Judicial College. Our new Supreme Court will open for business soon. The Legal Week Litigation Forum is on 17 September. Last year’s was extremely good, and I hope to have time to go again this year.

That turns on how much I can get shot of in the next few days. I am writing the scripts for a series of recordings which I will tell you about when we have done them. I have delivered a couple of draft white papers in the last few days and have a section of a book to do. All those conference organisers want slides, a photograph and biography, phone  discussions and all those other things which make the mere standing on a podium seem trivial by comparison. There are flights and hotels to deal with – do I go eastbound or westbound to get from Washington on 14 October to Singapore on 20 October?

Ralph Losey has added music to his blog. I got there first, Ralph, with The Phoenix Fall’s debut song in May, and a title, What Really Matters to Me?, which has more relevance to discovery than Pachelbel’s Canon. You get a better class of music, though, from Ralph – here it is the Kinks and Arcade Fire where he gives you Debussy and Bach. A neat addition to an already interesting site.

On the  personal front, my youngest son William (known to many of you from his LegalTech visits) has just set off for his degree course at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. The day your youngest child leaves home seems strangely epochal. And I appear to have become my dog’s international publicity agent.

The shortage of my usually comprehensive  hyperlinks reflects the time it takes to add them. I will go back over this when I get a moment. Meanwhile, I have five more scripts to write and we start recording at 10.00 tomorrow.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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