Rules and Disclaimer

Where I mention or identify any person, product, firm or company in this or any other publication, I do so on the following basis:

Save where approval is expressly given, the naming of any person or entity does not imply approval, satisfaction or the opposite, nor that I have personal experience of him, her or it beyond what appears expressly in what I say.

Conversely, the failure to name any person or entity does not imply any disapproval or dissatisfaction.

The only criteria for inclusion is that the subject-matter interests me and has some bearing, however remote, on litigation support, e-Disclosure or Discovery, web site design, legal technology, law firm management or any of the other topics with which my business is involved.

I will break no confidences, professional or otherwise.

I will correct any errors which are drawn to my attention and remove any references which are shown to be untrue, in breach of copyright, unfair, illegal or otherwise inappropriate.

I will assume that any material emanating from an organisation or from any employee of an organisation has the authority of that organisation (which is not necessarily the same as saying that I will believe it).

I will try to make it clear whether information published here emanates from the person or company to whom it relates, from my own observation or experience, from an authoritative source, or from gossip overheard in a pub. Any report or advice given here is in general terms and I disclaim any liability in respect of it. You should seek confirmation (from me or an appropriate third party) that it is applicable to your own situation before acting on the strength of it.


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